Floor Safe Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Safes are the perfect way to protect valuable items, such as jewelry and cash. Most safes are also fire-resistant, making them excellent places to store irreplaceable family heirlooms or antiques. 

The team at HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler is dedicated to serving the residents of Bedford, Texas, and the surrounding area. We not only offer plumbing services but also provide peace of mind by offering in-floor safe installation for your home or business. Our experienced team understands the importance of keeping these items safe and we work hard to ensure that your property remains undamaged through our high-quality safe installation.

There are a lot of questions our team receives concerning our floor-safe installation services. We have compiled them into this FAQ guide to ensure that you have all the answers you need to make the best decision for you and your home. Here is what you need to know:

Floor Safe Versus Wall Safe?

While wall safes are another viable option to protect your valuables, there are some advantages that floor safes have. Here are the advantages of a floor safe:

  • Floor Safes Are More Concealed: Floor safes offer incredible camouflage, making it harder for thieves to locate. Some floor safes can be fitted into the recess of the floor with a tile fitted overtop, or a rug or piece of furniture, making them practically invisible.
  • Floor Safes Are Often Bigger: Unlike wall safes which are restricted to the size and depth of your wall, floor safes can be extended to the bottom of your foundation. This gives you the ability to choose the size that best suits your needs.
  • Valuables Are More Secured: Because floor safes are enclosed in concrete, they are extremely difficult to remove or break into in a quiet and timely manner. This often leaves thieves to pass up breaking into the safe should they find it.
  • Floor Safes Are Fire and Impact Resistant: Floor safes offer incredible fire resistance and impact resistance as they are enclosed in concrete and positioned below ground level. If a fire, earthquake, or tornado were to occur, the floor safe would be relatively unharmed, as there is no threat of falling due to foundational failure like a wall safe could.

What Is the Best Way to Disguise a Floor Safe?

There are several options to hide your floor safe from view. Using thoughtful room planning, such as placing a large rug on the ground helps easily hide your floor safe. Make sure the rug can move several inches in either direction without revealing the safe. You can also place furniture over the floor safely to increase the effectiveness of the camouflage, but this can reduce its accessibility.

How Heavy Is a Floor Safe?

Set of work tools on old grunge wooden work bench

Depending on the metal content that is made to make your floor safe along with the size of the safe you choose will affect the weight. Typically, a floor safe with a mixture of half-inch steel and 12 gauge will weigh about 80 pounds. Larger safes can weigh up to 100 pounds. 

Can a Floor Safe Be Installed in Any Building?

If your building has post-tension slab foundations, a floor safe will not be practical for the ground floor. Cutting or coring floors with tensioned cables underneath the surface can severely damage the structural integrity of the building. 

Why Should I Hire a Professional to Install My Floor Safe?

While it may seem like installing a floor safe could be a DIY project, it should only be handled by a professional. You want your floor safe to be completely sealed and cause minimal damage to your property. Individuals who have no experience in installing a floor safe can cause more harm to your building and result in a floor safe that is not properly sealed. This leaves your valuables vulnerable and your building to sustain structural damage slowly over time, leading to costly repairs.

HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler has the expertise to successfully install your floor safe, help you choose the best location for your safe, and offer advice on how to best conceal it. We can work with any type of flooring, including wood floors, and ensure that your safe can be installed with minimal damage to your flooring. We always restore the floor to make it look good as new before we leave. Contact our team today for more information on our floor safe services or to schedule an appointment to install yours!