How Hard Water Affects Your Appliances

A lawn sprinkler.

Hard water can have a significant impact on your home’s appliances, plumbing, and more. Hard water can also lead to expensive repairs and higher water bills. The North Texas Water District has “moderately hard” water. But what exactly is hard water? In this blog post, HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler looks at what hard water is, […]

When Is the Best Time of Day to Water My Grass?

Sprinklers watering a lawn.

To have a truly vibrant lawn in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you will have to water it. When it comes to watering your lawn, there is a lot to think about. At what time you should water your lawn might not be something you put much thought into, but it can have a big impact […]

Signs That Your Home Needs Repiping

Pipes are everywhere in your home. Although you might not think about them, there’s a good chance you use them daily. Activities such as washing your hands, doing the dishes, and taking a shower all involve pipes. Plumbing pipes in poor condition can cause many problems, from health issues to house damage. At HEB Plumbing […]

How to Clean Stubborn Soap Scum Out of a Shower

Disgusting soap scum on a shower.

There’s nothing like a relaxing shower after a long day. Whether you just worked out, worked outside, or just needed one, showers can be a little slice of paradise in your home. A shower is supposed to clean and relax you, not gross you out. However, over time gross soap scum can build up inside […]

Preparing Your Sprinkler System for the Coming Spring

A green lawn with sprinklers running and the words "Sprinkler Systems"

Spring in Texas heralds the return of vibrant colors to your yard. The grass is becoming that familiar green, and leaves are returning to the trees. H.E.B. Plumbing & Sprinkler is here to help you get your winterized sprinkler system ready for springtime, so it can help bring life back to your yard.  As with […]

Unusual Items You Can Safely Clean in Your Dishwasher

the words "unusual items you can clean in your dishwasher" in front of a picture of a dishwasher.

A dishwasher is one of the best timesavers you can have in a home. There is a certain joy in not having to clean dishes by hand after a hearty meal. What if we told you your dishwasher could go beyond dishes? In this blog post, H.E.B. Plumbing & Sprinkler will be breaking down some […]

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal Like a Pro

A plumbing technician working on a garbage disposal with the words "How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal Like a Pro."

Your garbage disposal is a hard-working machine. Countless scraps of food are put into it time and time again. Eventually, small pieces of food can get stuck in your appliance, potentially causing it damage or to stop working. In addition, bacteria or mold can grow in it, which you do not want in your kitchen.  […]

What Is an Anode Rod and Why Is It Important for My Water Heater?

A picture of a water heater with the words, "what is an anode rod?"

Nearly every house has a water heater. It is one of those appliances you just don’t think much about. Since you don’t have to do anything with it most of the time, you probably only notice it when it isn’t doing its job properly. However, if you maintain it properly, you can get a lot […]

How to Prepare Your Outdoor Faucets for Colder Temperatures

An outdoor faucet with frost on it with the words, "how to prepare your outdoor faucet for winter."

It’s the time of year to start preparing your house and its exterior for the cold weather that’s coming. For those living in areas with cold winters, one of the important things to do is prepare your outdoor faucets for the season. Step 1. Locate All Of Your Outdoor Faucets The first thing you need […]