Cold Weather And Your Sprinklers

Frozen faucet in winter

Cold weather and your sprinkler system typically don’t mix. That’s why it’s so crucial to properly winterize your sprinkler system before the cold temperatures settle in for the season. Failure to do so keeps water trapped in the pipes – and during cold snaps, the pipes can crack if the existing water freezes and expands. Pipe fittings, […]

How To Set Automatic Sprinkler Controls

Modern Automatic Sprinkler System Control Timer

One of the nice things about having an in-ground sprinkler system is that you don’t have to rely solely on rainfall to ensure your lawn gets the amount of water it needs. Another nice thing is you don’t have to drag a hose around the yard, placing an above ground sprinkler in various areas of your yard […]

Inspecting your Sprinkler System as Spring Begins

spinkler system

If you haven’t used your sprinkler system since last summer, just know that a lot can happen to it over the course of fall and winter. The sudden changes in temperature throughout the seasons have been known to crack the pipes and harsh winters can leave them frozen. If the sprinkler heads suffered any damage […]