Sprinkler System Upgrades in Bedford: Enhancing Efficiency and Coverage

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As many Bedford, Texas, residents know, it can be challenging to maintain a green lawn while keeping the water bill down. Fortunately, recent technological advancements in lawn sprinkler systems offer convenience, improved efficiency, and enhanced performance. HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler explains how to upgrade your sprinkler system for better performance and reduced water consumption.

Given the complexity of sprinkler systems, it’s a good idea to reach out to professionals to get the most out of your investment. If you’re in Tarrant County, Texas, we can help you with your sprinkler system.

Understanding the Need for Sprinkler System Upgrades

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If your sprinkler system is doing a good job and seems to be working fine, you probably aren’t considering upgrading it. However, you can achieve greater convenience, more efficiency, and better performance with a new system. The following sections explore some reasons to upgrade your sprinkler system.

The Evolution of Sprinkler Technology

While the general function of sprinklers hasn’t changed, significant technological advancements have enhanced their efficiency and allowed homeowners to help the environment while saving money. Modern sprinkler systems offer high-tech features that improve their functionality, including the following:

  • Smart sensors – A sprinkler system with smart sensors measures how much moisture is in the soil and adjusts the watering schedule according to weather conditions.
  • Smartphone apps – Certain sprinkler systems can be controlled via a smartphone app for maximum convenience. 
  • High-efficiency nozzles – Newer, high-efficiency nozzles help conserve water. They allow for more precise watering and produce larger, heavier water droplets that are less likely to be carried away by the wind. 
  • Error and leak detection – Error and leak detection technology can alert you when there are leaks, blockages, issues with pumps, problems with valves, high or low water pressure, and more. Early detection allows you to handle these issues sooner to prevent damage to your sprinkler system and avoid wasting water.
  • Rain and freeze smart sensors – Having a sprinkler system running while it’s raining wastes water, and frozen sprinkler heads can lead to dangerous situations and damage your sprinkler system. With a rain and freeze smart sensor, your sprinkler system can take action to reduce water waste and prevent damage.

Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs an Upgrade

There are specific signs indicating that your sprinkler system needs an upgrade. If your sprinkler system is inefficient or provides poor coverage for your lawn, there could be several causes. To best understand your situation, it’s a good idea to consult a professional to determine the best course of action.

Some signs of inefficiency and poor coverage may include the following:

  • Overwatered or underwatered grass – Overwatering and underwatering your lawn can harm your grass. While it is generally possible to manually adjust your sprinkler system to accommodate sections of your lawn that receive too much or too little water, upgrading to a smart sprinkler controller can make things easier. A smart sprinkler system with sensors automatically detects how much moisture is needed and maintains your lawn without requiring manual adjustments.
  • Sprinklers running in the rain – Few things say waste and inefficiency like a sprinkler system running during a rainstorm. While you could shut your system off manually, that creates an extra step, and there’s a good chance you won’t always be home to make this adjustment. A rain system can prevent wasteful watering during rain by shutting your system off automatically.
  • High (or increasing) water bills – What constitutes a high water bill is often subjective. However, if you’re unhappy with your bill and water your lawn frequently, it may be time to consider upgrading to a more efficient system. Please note that a high water bill may result from problems such as leaks in your sprinkler system, and a high or increasing water bill can also have causes beyond your sprinkler system.

Upgrading Your Sprinkler System for Optimal Coverage and Uniformity

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If your sprinkler system isn’t adjusted correctly, you may be overwatering, underwatering, or missing spots in your lawn. This can lead to damaged, underwatered, overwatered, or dry grass, resulting in a less attractive lawn. The following can help you achieve uniformity and improve coverage when watering your lawn.

Sprinkler Zoning and Coverage Analysis

Uniform sprinkler coverage is crucial to a well-watered lawn. If your sprinkler system is missing a section of your lawn, it can lead to dried-out grass and an uneven look. A sprinkler zoning and coverage analysis can determine the optimal positioning and number of sprinkler zones and heads required. You can arrange your sprinklers according to this information.

Sprinkler Zoning

Having the correct zones for your lawn is vital for ensuring optimal coverage. Each “zone” represents a sprinkler valve. Zones can be controlled individually to adapt to different conditions, such as the shade or sunlight an area receives.

Upgrading Sprinkler Heads

There are several sprinkler heads available that offer different advantages. The following are some popular types of sprinkler heads for lawns.

Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads

Pop-up sprinkler heads are found in many landscape sprinkler systems. They “pop up” from the ground and spray water at a low angle to provide even coverage. These sprinklers are a good choice for various sizes and types of yards, including side yards.

Rotary Nozzle Sprinkler Heads

Rotary nozzle sprinkler heads feature a revolving mechanism and create a sustained water stream. Water comes out of rotary nozzle sprinkler heads slowly, reducing wasted water and runoff. They are suitable for slopes, lawns that drain slowly (and are prone to flooding), medium and large lawns, and side yards. They are also less susceptible to the wind.

Fixed Spray Irrigation Heads

A fixed spray irrigation head produces a continual water stream. It is susceptible to windy weather because it sprays water quickly. These work best for small and medium-sized lawns.

Impact Sprinkler Heads

Impact sprinkler heads are easily identifiable by their rapid ticking sound. Many of them have an adjustable watering radius. Given their uninterrupted water flow, impact sprinkler heads are more resistant to clogs, making them a good fit for mineral-heavy well water. They work well in large yards because of their wide range.

Gear-Driven Sprinkler Heads 

Gear-driven sprinkler heads are quiet and versatile. They can provide your yard with uniform coverage. They are good for side, medium, and large yards.

Multiple Stream Sprinkler Heads

According to Energy.gov, multiple stream sprinkler heads can be used as a substitute for a traditional fixed spray irrigation head. Multiple stream sprinkler heads offer uniform water distribution and a lower precipitation rate than conventional pop-up nozzles. Multiple stream heads dispense water in a rotating trajectory, which offers some advantages, such as reduced evaporation loss as there is less misting. Also, the soil has more time to absorb moisture due to the slower water flow rate, creating less runoff.

Multiple stream sprinkler heads work well for small landscapes and steep slopes where water runoff and erosion may occur.

Sprinkler System Efficiency and Water Conservation

An efficient sprinkler system helps homeowners save water. By conserving water, you benefit the environment and save money on water bills. You can use the following tools to enhance sprinkler system efficiency.

Smart Irrigation Controllers

Overwatering and underwatering are both detrimental to lawns. Smart irrigation controllers factor in weather and ground conditions to maintain optimal water levels. Since most smart irrigation controllers feature a convenient smartphone app, you can keep tabs on your lawn’s irrigation remotely. Depending on your location, you may be able to receive a smart irrigation controller rebate. 

Smart lawn irrigation systems use two types of sensors:

Soil Moisture Sensors

Soil moisture sensors, also known as soil moisture-based irrigation controllers, detect the soil’s moisture content. 

Weather-based Sensors

Weather-based sensors schedule when to irrigate lawns based on information from local weather and landscape conditions.

Drip Irrigation Integration

Drip irrigation, also known as microirrigation, helps homeowners water various plants more efficiently while saving money. Drip irrigation offers several advantages over sprinkler systems, as it waters plants slower and for a longer time, allowing for better soil penetration and less water runoff. As water does not spray out, it also eliminates water being carried away by the wind. 

Drip irrigation integration is the process of connecting a drip irrigation system to your sprinkler system. By integrating a drip irrigation system into your current sprinkler system, you won’t have to start from scratch. Drip irrigation can also be integrated during a new sprinkler system installation.

Professional Sprinkler System Audits and Upgrades

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You can optimize your sprinkler system by working with reputable sprinkler professionals. 

The Role of Professional Sprinkler Audits

A professional sprinkler audit is an analysis conducted by a professional to determine your sprinkler system’s efficiency. HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler relies on years of experience to help you determine if your plumbing is performing optimally. If it isn’t, we can help you get it there. By identifying potential weaknesses in your system, we can offer solutions that enable you to get more from your sprinkler system.

Some of the information a professional sprinkler audit can tell you includes:

  • If your sprinklers are clogged, blocked, or misaligned
  • If sprinkler heads are incorrectly spaced
  • Your sprinkler timer’s abilities or limitations
  • If your sprinkler system’s water pressure is too high or too low
  • The depth of the root zone, soil type, and how much water is available for plants
  • The evenness of your sprinkler system’s water distribution
  • How much water your plants need 

Tailored Upgrade Solutions

The team at HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler can help you determine the best upgrades for your sprinkler system by calling upon our decades of experience. We’ll help you find the right upgrades to meet your specific needs and keep your lawn vibrant and green.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are two common questions Bedford, Texas, homeowners may have concerning their sprinkler systems. For further information or answers to other questions, please contact a reputable lawn sprinkler professional.

How Much Water Can I Save With Upgraded Sprinklers?

Given the amount of variables involved, it is difficult to determine a precise number. However, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, by switching to sprinkler bodies with their WaterSense label, “the average household using 50,500 gallons outdoors, operating at or above 60 pounds per square inch (psi), can save nearly 5,600 gallons of water and $60 per year in water and sewer costs annually.” Bedford, Texas’ website states that by utilizing rain and freeze sensors, it may be possible to decrease the amount of water you use by 5% to 10%.

The city of Bedford, Texas, notes that residents can use the EyeOnWater app to measure the amount of water they use.

Can I Upgrade My Sprinkler System on My Own?

It’s best to rely on trained professionals to upgrade your sprinkler system. There is an inherent risk in working with electricity. In addition, upgrading a sprinkler system yourself can be difficult, given the many elements of the system and the adjustments needed for it to work correctly. An incorrectly set up irrigation system may result in areas of your lawn being overwatered or underwatered. By seeking the help of a reputable lawn sprinkler expert, you can rest assured that your sprinkler system will be upgraded correctly and that all the adjustments will be done right.

If you’re located in Bedford, Texas, or the surrounding areas, HEB Plumbing and Sprinkler can help with your sprinkler system upgrades. Contact us for expert sprinkler system advice.

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