12 Kitchen and Bathroom Storage Hacks

The two most valuable spots in any home are the kitchen and bathroom. Simple upgrades or renovations to either can have a massive impact on quality of life. In that spirit, we’ve compiled a list of 12 simple and affordable bathroom and kitchen storage hacks to get the most out of the limited space you have in these vital rooms.

Bathroom Storage

Built-ins Between Studs

There are typically around 16 inches between studs. Open the wall and put this space to work. It’s an easy way to add storage to a bathroom without losing precious square footage.

Organize the Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets are already nice storage spaces. You can improve them with basic organization. Repurpose desk and office organizers into medicine cabinet organizers to keep things efficient. You can even hang some organizers on the inside of the door for a little extra mileage.

Full-Sized Medicine Cabinet

Speaking of medicine cabinets, they aren’t relegated to small, mirrored cabinets. With a little DIY action, a full-sized mirror can be outfitted with a cabinet of its own. Make sure that the mirror isn’t too heavy for what it’s mounted on. This larger cabinet will allow you to store larger things such as toiletries, small towels, and larger utensils like curling irons in a more efficient manner. You can also build cabinets around things other than mirrors.

Install a Picture Ledge

Ikea makes these cool picture ledges. While they’re intended for small frames, they fit nicely between the sink and mirror in many bathrooms, and they are perfect for holding soap, air fresheners, and beauty supplies.

Put the Door to Work

At minimum, you can hang multiple towel racks on the back of the bathroom door. They won’t weigh enough to cause damage. You can also add a hanging organizer that will give you tons of extra storage space.

An Extra Shower Rod

Have you ever thought of putting a shower rod inside the shower? You can create hanging space that is perfect for shampoo caddies, loofahs, and razors.

Kitchen Storage

The Lazy Susan

You may have seen or even used one of these on a large dining table. Their real value is in the corner. Kitchens and bathrooms can both benefit from upgrading corner storage with a lazy susan. It keeps things organized and accessible.

Expand Cabinets

Very few cabinets are full to the point of pushing back on the doors. That means you have room to hang things on the inside of cabinet doors. Depending on the size and space, you can hang pot holders, Tupperware lids, measuring spoons, or anything else that uses the space well.

Get a Pegboard

Pegboards have been used for organizing tools in the garage for decades. Why shouldn’t they have a turn in the kitchen? Cooking utensils, strainers, pot lids and a number of other things can hang safely and efficiently on a pegboard.

Kitchen Shelves

Sure, cabinets are the standard, but plenty of kitchens have open wall space with no practical way to hang any more cabinets. Why not build shelves? You can leave fine china on permanent display, organize your appliances, or make pots and pans more accessible. You need to have an aesthetic plan, but there is no reason to let good space go unused.

Tension Rods

Tension rods can be very useful in the kitchen. You can hang them under the sink to organize cleaning supplies and spray bottles. You can also put them in a cabinet to organize sheets and trays. Imagine not having to stack cookie sheets under the oven anymore!

Magnetic Spice Rack

The refrigerator doesn’t hold a monopoly on magnetism. A magnetic bar can let you hang your spices and clear a cabinet. You might need to move the spices into re-used baby bottles or other magnetic containers, but it’s a small project.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you organize and be more efficient, and maybe they’ll even get your juices flowing and so that you can come up with a few ingenious hacks of your own. And if you live in DFW and you’re looking to renovate more than just your storage space, give HEB Plumbing and Sprinkler a call.

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