The Importance of Proper Drainage in Preventing Plumbing Issues

The text "the role of proper drainage in preventing plumbing issues" in front of a gutter downspout.

Drains exist everywhere in and out of your home. Every time you turn on a sink, run water in a shower, or experience rain, you depend on drains to do their job. If your drains encounter problems, it can quickly become a hassle. Blocked drains can cause standing water, which can cause drain dysfunction, damage […]

How Hard Water Affects Your Appliances

A lawn sprinkler waters a a lawn.

Hard water can have a significant impact on your home’s appliances, plumbing, and more. Hard water can also lead to expensive repairs and higher water bills. The North Texas Water District has “moderately hard” water. But what exactly is hard water? In this blog post, HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler looks at what hard water is, […]

Signs That Your Home Needs Repiping

Pipes are everywhere in your home. Although you might not think about them, there’s a good chance you use them daily. Activities such as washing your hands, doing the dishes, and taking a shower all involve pipes. Plumbing pipes in poor condition can cause many problems, from health issues to house damage. At HEB Plumbing […]

Unusual Items You Can Safely Clean in Your Dishwasher

the words "unusual items you can clean in your dishwasher" in front of a picture of a dishwasher.

A dishwasher is one of the best timesavers you can have in a home. There is a certain joy in not having to clean dishes by hand after a hearty meal. What if we told you your dishwasher could go beyond dishes? In this blog post, H.E.B. Plumbing & Sprinkler will be breaking down some […]

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal Like a Pro

A plumbing technician working on a garbage disposal with the words "How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal Like a Pro."

Your garbage disposal is a hard-working machine. Countless scraps of food are put into it time and time again. Eventually, small pieces of food can get stuck in your appliance, potentially causing it damage or to stop working. In addition, bacteria or mold can grow in it, which you do not want in your kitchen.  […]

Troubleshooting Low Water Pressure In the Kitchen Sink

A picture of a kitchen sink with the words, "troubleshooting kitchen faucet water pressure."

Low water pressure is a common and frustrating plumbing problem, especially in the kitchen, where the sink is used all day long. However, some causes of low water pressure can be easily identified and fixed on by yourself without hiring a plumber. Read on for a step-by-step overview of troubleshooting low water pressure in your […]

Trouble Shooting Garbage Disposal Problems

2 HEB plumbers work under a Hurst area kitchen sink

When your garbage disposal works, it makes your life easier every single day, especially when it comes to doing your dishes. When it stops working, though, it can negatively affect every waking second of your day. Suddenly, you have to deal with constant smells, backed up sinks, and kitchen scraps where they shouldn’t be. Doing […]

What Do You Do If Your Tap Has Rusty Water?

A picture of a sink faucet with the words, "what to do about rusty tap water."

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as sipping on a glass of crystal clear water. When you turn your tap, that’s what you expect to get, so it can be very off-putting to instead get a glass full of a colored cloudy liquid speckled with particulates. If you’ve experienced this, you might be dealing with rusty […]

What Is the Difference Between a Boiler and a Furnace

A picture of a boiler with the words, "boiler vs. furnace"

What Is the Difference Between a Boiler and a Furnace? Since it’s something you rarely have to consider, you might not be immediately clear about the differences between a boiler and a furnace. Most of the time, that’s okay because you don’t need to. However, in the instances that you do need this knowledge, namely […]

Winterizing Your Home Plumbing and Sprinkler Systems

A Sprinkler attachment frosted over in winter

When the temperature drops, people can put on some extra layers and cozy up under some blankets to keep warm, but this isn’t possible for your plumbing and sprinkler system. As the winter approaches, it is important to ensure that your plumbing and sprinkler system are ready for the cold weather since they are usually […]