Protecting Your Plumbing During the Holidays

Copper pipes over plumbing plans with the words, "protecting your plumbing during the Holidays"

What could be better? Gathering family and friends, listening to holiday music, eating good food, and enjoying the merriment of the season! But after your big holiday meal, you begin to notice a few things. A few friends who are helping you clean are pouring grease and large chunks of food down the drain. Your uncle is asking for the plunger to fix the toilet, and you notice your hot water isn’t well, so hot.

What’s happening to your plumbing? We certainly feel the effects of merriment and food after the holidays, and your plumbing does too! It is important to ensure that your plumbing is ready to handle whatever your family and friends can throw at it.

Avoiding the Plumbing Holiday Blues (or Browns).

Protecting your plumbing during the holidays starts with taking some precautions.

Invest in Drain Covers

One way to prepare your home’s plumbing is to protect it from foreign objects in the first place. If you have friends and family staying the night, prepare your shower drains with a drain cover. They are designed to easily catch hair and allow the water to run down the drain. It’s easy to dispose of the hair gathered on the cover, and your plumbing will continue to run smoothly.

Take Care of Your Sink and Garbage Disposal

When you are baking for your holiday meal, make sure you clean as you go. This will help reduce the risk of clogging your sink drains with food residue. Always make sure your guests, especially the one offering to clean up, know that grease does not go down your drain. Instead, offer a container to dispose of the grease. You can use it in your cooking later or dispose of it once it solidifies in the trash can.

For your garbage disposal, make sure it is never overloaded with tons of food. Always do a little at a time and avoid putting troublesome foods, such as coffee grinds, rice, and eggshells down the garbage disposal.

The Courtesy Flush

Encourage your guests to be proactive about their flushing. Make sure the toilet isn’t overloaded with toilet paper, and if an extra flush is required, so be it! While this short conversation might feel awkward, it does help save your plumbing a lot of trouble and will keep you and your guests happier.

Have a Plumbing Problem? Don’t Wait to Call!

Major plumbing problems can cause a ruckus during the holidays but thankfully, your dedicated team of plumbers at HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler can help! No matter if it is a clogged drain, leaky pipes, or need, our team can offer fast solutions to get your plumbing up and running! Don’t let plumbing issues ruin your holiday season and give HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler a call today!

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