Essential Equipment: 5 Tools No Homeowner Should Go Without

When it comes to home improvement and repairs, it always pays to be prepared. The wider a selection of tools you have on hand, the easier it will be to address maintenance issues or carry out new projects. The specific tools you need vary based on your goals and the configuration of your home, but there are certain items that no homeowner can do without. In particular, you should never try to repair or upgrade your house without:

A Hammer

Arguably the most basic of tools, hammers serve a wide range of different improvement and repair functions. These include hanging photos and decorative items, building new wooden structures, expanding and repairing existing structures, and testing the strength of household items. In addition to driving in and taking out nails, hammers are valuable for their prying ability. If you need to tear boards out of their existing structures to make way for new items, hammers, and particularly claw hammers, provide the simplest way to accomplish your goal. Hammers can also be used to make minor corrections to soft metal items.

A Level

Alignment is critical for a wide range of different household structures and decorative features. Failing to align certain items properly not only throws off the aesthetics of the room but can also undermine safety, especially for heavy structures that rely on different parts pushing against each other. You cannot begin a home improvement project, then, without a level. Ideally, your level should be able to measure not only horizontal and vertical alignment but also 45-degree angles. This will allow you to make precise, reliable measurements for a wide range of different items and in multiple different spaces.

An Adjustable Wrench

Other than hammers, wrenches are the most recognizable household tools, and it’s not hard to see why given their many applications. An adjustable or Crescent wrench is your best bet for tightening bolts in difficult areas due to its flexibility. Instead of having to keep switching between different types of wrenches, you can simply tailor the wrench you are holding to all of the different bolts you encounter. This will save you time and energy, allowing you to complete the job more quickly and with less effort.

Needle Nose Pliers

Home improvement jobs often involve making minor adjustments to wires and other small pieces of metal equipment. Needle nose pliers allow you to alter all such items with ease. Even the smallest, most precise changes will be well within your ability if you have these pliers.

A Cordless Drill

Drills are often necessary to drive bolts and screws into thick surfaces. Cordless drills give you extra flexibility, allowing you to do this in even the tightest locations. Thus if you plan to make any improvements in corners, crawlspaces, and other areas that are hard to reach, a cordless drill is your best bet.