Essential Equipment: 5 Tools No Homeowner Should Go Without

Set of work tools on old grunge wooden work bench

Moving into a new home is exciting! You get to decorate it, cook for the first time in your kitchen, and create a living space that you have always dreamed of. However, as most homeowners will discover, there are some essential items that they never would have thought they needed. From addressing maintenance issues to carrying out new home projects, having these essential tools will make all the difference. Here are the five items that no homeowner should go without.

A Trusty Hammer

Hammers are an essential tool for any household. From home improvement projects to home repairs, a hammer is a simple tool that has a wide range of functions. Whether you want to hang a photo, build new wooden structures such as shelves, or test the strength of an item, you can rest assured that a hammer will help you get the job done. Not sure what kind of hammer to get? Our team at HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler recommend claw hammers, as these two provide an easy way to not only hammer in nails but also works well for removing old nails and boards easily.

“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” – Abraham Maslow

A Level

If you are getting tired of asking the age-old question, “does this look straight,” then you may need a level. Alignment is critical for not only decorative features to look good but also for household structures. Failing to align a household structure, then the safety of the room or project becomes jeopardized which can result in an accident causing injury or, in worst cases, death.

When you are looking to purchase a level, you want to look for one with horizontal, vertical, and 45-degree angle measurements. This will help ensure that you make precise, reliable, measurements for a wide range of different projects, and ensure your space looks its best!

“Always keep a leveled head” – anonymous.

An Adjustable Wrench

Other than hammers, wrenches are the most recognizable household tool. An adjustable wrench can help you tighten bolds in difficult areas thanks to their flexibility and iron-like grip. Adjustable wrenches can tailor its tightness depending on the type of bolt you are working with, meaning that you won’t need a bunch of different size wrenches. Not only will having one adjustable wrench help you save money, but it will also help you save energy by getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

“If men can quilt and take over the kitchen, then women can pick up a wrench and fix a leaky pipe.” – Hanna Rosin

Needle Nose Pliers

Home improvement jobs often involve making minor adjustments to wires and other small pieces of metal equipment. Adjusting these by hand is not only difficult but it can also lead to minor cuts. Thankfully, needle nose pliers allow you to make these adjustments with ease!

“When my father needed to hammer something he generally used his shoe, and the only real tool he owned was a pair of needle-nose pliers.” Ayelet Waldman

A Cordless Drill

Drills are often necessary to drive bolts and screws into thick surfaces. Thankfully, cordless drills give you the power to drive in those screws and bolts with ease while also giving you the flexibility to get into tight spaces. This is perfect for making improvements to corners, crawlspaces, and other tight areas that may be hard to reach.

“We all use something – You can’t drill holes with your fingers. Whether it’s a knife, a needle, or a machine, we all need the help of a device.” -Johnathan Ive

Our Team Has These Essential Tools in Our ToolBox!

HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler’s trusted plumbing team has these essential tools in our toolbox so that we always come prepared! No matter what the task is, you can trust that our team has the knowledge and tools necessary to get the job done! From fixing clogged pipes to installing plumbing in a new house, we got you covered! When you need plumbing or sprinkler repair, there is no team better than HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler. Contact our team today!

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