How To Set Automatic Sprinkler Controls

A Modern Automatic Sprinkler System Control Timer

The summer heat is brutal on your lawn, but thankfully, in-ground sprinklers are available to keep it hydrated. Sprinklers are perfect for those months where the rain is nowhere in sight, and with today’s automatic advancements, you don’t have to do a thing. Automatic sprinkler systems give your plants some much-needed relief and save you from dragging around a water hose. However, before you can reap the benefits of your automatic sprinkler system, you need to know how to program it. Here is a general overview of the process.

Sprinkler System Controls

There are two types of timers that can come with your automatic sprinkler, digital and mechanical. Digital timers run via electronics while mechanical timers run with gears and pins. Electronic timers are more common than mechanical, and our professional sprinkler team at HEB will go over how to set both.

Setting a Mechanical Sprinkler Timer

  1. When looking at your mechanical sprinkler timer, you will notice a brass pin. Push the pin on the dial to indicate the time you want the sprinkler system to run. If you want your sprinkler to go off more than once throughout the day, add additional pins into the other time slots for every twelve minutes of watering time.

The Plumbing Lady’s Pro-Tip: Remember, it is best to water your lawn in the early morning before the sun is at full-force. This will give your plants plenty of time to drink before the sun can evaporate the water.

When setting up your timers for each zone, or sprinkler head, leave a time gap to allow the sprinkler system to switch zones.

  1. Once you have set your timer, turn the dial until the silver indicator points to the current time.

  2. Turn the black wheel counterclockwise until the current day is below the number 14 on the arrow indicator. This will set your daily watering schedule.

  3. Press down the pins on the days which you do not want to water your yard.

  4. Finally, slide the selector switch to “Auto.” This will allow your system to automatically turn off and on as you have directed it.

Setting a Digital Timer

  • Use the master dial to set the current date and time on the controls.
  • Adjust the dial to program the sprinkler system. Most electronic sprinkler systems have two watering schedules labeled by numbers or letters.
  • Set the run times by turning the master dial under the desired zone. Then, set the time by using the “+” or “-” keys to adjust the sprinkler time.
  • Next, turn the master dial to the start time section and with the “+” and “-” keys, set the time you want your sprinkler system to start running. It’s ideal to run the sprinkler system in the early morning.
  • Now set the desired days for your sprinkler system to run.
  • Finally, make sure the system is on and the dials are in the desired position for the ideal sprinkler schedule.

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