Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

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Whether you are building a new home or are looking to replace your old water heater, you may be asking yourself what are the benefits of a tankless water heater? Tankless water heaters are one of the newest advancements in the plumbing industry and we know many of our clients have questions about this modern wonder. Your trusted plumbing professionals at HEB Plumbing & Sprinkler created this guide on the benefits of tankless water heaters. 

1. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest advantages to a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters were designed to heat water on demand, a different approach from a traditional water heater which was designed to store large amounts of hot water in a tank, available when needed. Traditional hot water heaters use more energy than tankless heaters; the water temperature must be continually heated, and additional energy is used to refill the tank as water is used.  

Tankless water heaters heat the water as it passes through the unit towards the needed faucet or appliance. This ensures that energy is used only when the water is turned on and that it is hot. Tankless hot water heaters are 24-34% more energy efficient than traditional water heaters.

2. Long Life Span

One of the most important but often overlooked aspects of any appliance is its life span. Nothing was built to last forever and at some point, a replacement will be needed. Picking high-quality products that are designed to last longer and ensuring that they receive ongoing maintenance is extremely important when trying to save money and increase overall value.

Traditional water heaters have a general lifespan of about ten years. A tankless water heater can double that with ongoing maintenance. Not only are you saving money on your energy bills, but you are also saving money by not replacing the unit as often.

3. Hot Water On Demand

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Traditional water heaters are restricted in the fact that they can only heat one tank of water at a time. If you have been left without warm water after someone else’s shower, the traditional water heater is to blame. It ran out of hot water and must produce more. This can be a huge problem, especially on busy days where hot water is needed for showers, dishes, and laundry.

Tankless water heaters correct this problem by heating water on an as-needed basis. As water passes through the tankless hot water heater, it is heated and then sent through the pipes. This creates an almost endless supply of hot water.

4. Tankless Water Heaters Do Require As Much Space 

Are you looking to maximize the amount of space in your storage areas? If so, a tankless water heater system could be exactly what you need. Tankless water heaters are more compact and can be installed in a very small space, a perfect option for smaller homes.

Furthermore, even in a larger house, it’s best to try to maximize as much space as possible. A tankless water heater can provide extra space for cleaning supplies or storage. At the end of the day, a space saving tankless water heater can help give families extra space for storage or ease in a home remodel.

5. Safer Than A Traditional Water Heater

Traditional water heaters are safe but require proper care to continue running effectively. They must be cleaned annually to avoid sediment accumulating at the bottom of the tank and forming a clog which can trap water and increase pressure and heat. This could potentially lead the tank to explode.

Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, do not have this issue because they hold a small amount of water. Thus, sediment cannot quickly build up, significantly reducing the chance of overheating or exploding.

Need Help Deciding Whether a Tankless or a Traditional Water Heater Is Right for Your Home? 

Would you like some professional help when it comes to this important plumbing decision? Tankless water heaters may be more expensive, but they can provide many lasting benefits in the long term. Whether you would like a tank or a tankless water heater, H.E.B. Plumbing & Sprinkler has got you covered. Kathlyn Smith, The Lady Plumber, is a licensed responsible Master Plumber. Her company motto has always been: “Here to Help Protect the Health of Our Community”. If you would like to support a local business and enhance your plumbing and energy decisions, please contact H.E.B. Plumbing & Sprinkler today. With just a phone call, you can increase your plumbing integrity.

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