Live in HEB or Tarrant County? Be Aware of These Common Plumbing Issues

Plumber in a kitchen fixing a stopped up sink drain

Whether they’re minor or major in nature, plumbing issues aren’t something that you should put off for long. The reasons for this are two-fold. For starters, plumbing issues aren’t going to fix themselves. In fact, they’re only likely to worsen over time. Secondly, many plumbing issues are also associated with wasted water – and that […]

5 Best Hacks to Deal with Clogged Drains

unclogging the bathroom sink with a plunger

Clogged drains are pretty noticeable, like when you’re standing in ankle-deep water during your shower or when water pools up in the sink while you’re brushing your teeth. Clogged drains are pretty annoying as is, but they can become even more of a nuisance if you fail to act appropriately. In fact, according to Wise […]

Try These DIY Drain Cleaning Tips Before Calling Your Local Plumber

A homeowner tries to unclog a sink with a plunger

Most homeowners want to save money by trying to fix household problems themselves. But a smart homeowner knows when to stop and call the professionals to do the job. Clogged drains are among the top five most common plumbing problems that a homeowner will experience. Here are some ways to try to open up slow […]

Girl Power: 5 Household Projects Guys Pretend You Need Them For (You Don’t!)

A woman works to unclog her kitchen sink with a plunger

Some guys like to show off their machismo by taking care of all the maintenance and repairs around the house, including any plumbing issues. Here are five simple plumbing issues that don’t require an advanced degree in plumbing to fix — even if your man claims otherwise. Unclogging a Toilet Unclogging a toilet usually takes […]

Winterizing Your Home’s Plumbing: What You Need to Know

Snowflakes on a cloudy blue background with the words "Prepare for Winter"

If you live in an area of the country that’s susceptible to cold weather, then failing to properly winterize your home’s plumbing and sprinkler system can cost you – both in repair costs and in the mess that it could potentially create. And while North Texas often isn’t associated with having winters comparable to, say, […]

How To Speed Up A Slow Toilet

A white toilet with a green wall

In the fast-paced world of today, every minute counts. There’s not a second to spare doing anything less than completely worthwhile because there’s just so much to see and so much to do. The last thing you want to spend your valuable time on is waiting on a toilet to flush to make sure it […]

Troubleshooting Garbage Disposal Problems & Tips for Maintenance

An Garbage Disposal before installation

Why Does Your Garbage Disposal Sound Like It’s Dying? If sounds coming from your garbage disposal make you grit your teeth, it could be pulverizing for the last time. Grinding, rattling or clanking noises usually indicates something is preventing your disposal from spinning freely. Leaving it running too long in an attempt to chew up […]