How To Speed Up A Slow Toilet

It’s one of the most common and annoying problems a homeowner can experience, a slow-flushing toilet. Nothing worse than a toilet that won’t get everything down the first time. Well, there is, but that’s another topic. So it’s probably clogged up right? Well, maybe, maybe not. There are a few other things that can cause […]

Plumbing Safety: Five Important Tips to Consider When Hiring a Contractor

Whenever there’s a need to hire a contractor to do installations, replacements, or repairs, the first thing that should come to mind is how to go about hiring a professional contractor. The reason is to ensure the person accessing your home is reputable, trustworthy and has both the experience and credentials to do the job […]

Troubleshooting Garbage Disposal Problems & Tips for Maintenance

Why Does Your Garbage Disposal Sound Like It’s Dying? If sounds coming from your garbage disposal make you grit your teeth, it could be pulverizing for the last time. Grinding, rattling or clanking noises usually indicates something is preventing your disposal from spinning freely. Leaving it running too long in an attempt to chew up […]