Five Important Tips to Consider When Hiring a Contractor

A plumber and contractor agree on a proposal

When you contact a plumber for a service, how much do you know about him or her? Most homeowners, when faced with a problem such as a leaking pipe or a running toilet, are more concerned with fixing the problem than whom they are hiring. Before you panic and pick a random company to fix […]

How Cold Is Too Cold for Sprinklers?

A sprinkler system with the words, how cold is too cold for sprinklers?

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, you might be wondering when it’s alright to start cultivating your lawn again. While you may be eager to get your lawn back to its pristine green state, it is important to remember that temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower put your sprinkler system […]

Signs of a Broken Pipe

A repair man fixing a pipe with the words, Broken Pipe

Imagine you are walking into your kitchen to start your day. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful morning. As you groggily make your way to start your coffee, you step into a puddle of water. Panic sets in. You immediately think, is it a broken pipe? Read more to learn about the causes […]

10 Signs that you Have a Slab Leak

A crack in the cement with water leaking through beside the words "Slab Leaks"

If your home has a slab foundation, this means that it was built on top of a concrete slab. Before your home’s concrete slab was poured, plumbing pipes were roughed in. As a result, many of your home’s main pipes and lines are actually located underneath your home. Unfortunately, this means that when a leak […]

What Size Water Heater Do I Need?

A water heater inside of a home with the words, what size water heater do I need?

If you are constantly timing your family’s showers to ensure that there is enough hot water left for your own, your family probably has the wrong size water heater. When replacing a water heater or buying one for a new home, many homeowners do not know which size water heater they need. This often leads […]

Why Does My Water Heater Take So Long to Heat Up?

A plumber looking at a water heater with the words, why is my water heater taking so long to heat up?

There’s nothing like a warm shower to help you wake up in the morning. However, waiting for the water to heat up may leave you feeling rushed. Here are a few reasons you might be dealing with a sluggish water heater. 1. Distance If you own a larger home and the bathroom you are currently […]

How to Get Jewelry Safely Out of a Drain

Water running into a sink drain with the words, getting jewelry out of a drain.

Clank, clank, clank! Your heart sinks as you hear your wedding ring fall down the drain. Before you count your ring as a lost cause, check out these tips from HEB Plumbing & Drain – Kathlyn Smith to safely retrieve your lost jewelry. Magnet If the jewelry you dropped down the drain is made of metal, a […]

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

A close up of a sink drain with the words, how to clean your garbage disposal.

A putrid smell in your home is often blamed on a trashcan or forgotten leftovers in a fridge. After taking out the trash or cleaning out your fridge, the smell still persists. What gives? You may have a dirty garbage disposal. Over time, grime and sludge can get caught on the blades and the piping, […]

How to Remove a Sprinkler Head

A sprinkler is watering a fresh green lawn with the words, how to remove a sprinkler head.

Many homeowners rely on their sprinkler system to help keep their yards and gardens healthy and looking its best. When parts of your sprinkler systems break, like a sprinkler head, either due to a mishap with the lawnmower or just from old age, some of your yard/garden might not be getting the water it needs. […]

How to Replace a Sink Pipe

A man is fixing a sink pipe with a wrench, with the words, how to replace a sink pipe

A leaking sink pipe can create a slew of problems for your home. Excess water can result in mold, a damaged sink cabinet, damaged materials, and a higher water bill. It is essential to get the faulty sink pipe replaced as soon as possible to reduce the amount of damage caused by the leak. If […]